At PDT we take pride in our great culture and aim to be a workplace of choice for our intelligent and creative design professionals and supporting staff. 

We believe in working together to create a truly collaborative and well supported working environment.  Each and every member of our team is offered ongoing opportunities for training, development and mentorship as we are committed to supporting our staff and encouraging each member of our team equally to reach their career goals.

At PDT we believe that there is more to providing a work place of choice than having a great studio to work in (although we do have one) and we take the same holistic approach to our people as we do to our projects, offering a selection of ways to encourage connection and creativity which include a focus on worklife balance,such as our wellness committee, esd committee, design culture group, development and training program, leadership program and masterclasses.

We seek talented people who can work as part of our team rising to the creative and technical challenges that our projects bring.

If you would like to be part of the PDT team please look to see if we have any  current opportunities listed below or send your CV and an outline of the position you are seeking to





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