10,000 Step Challenge

The average Australian office worker walks about 7,000 steps per day. The 10,000 Steps Challenge encourages people to make small changes in their daily routine with an aim to increase this to 10,000 steps each and every day. Changes can be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the lift, parking a little further away when you go to the shops, getting out of the office at lunch or printing to a printer further from your desk.


Each year, as a part of our Wellness Programme, PDT participates in the 10,000 Steps Challenge to encourage staff to be more active in a simple and achievable way. The office is broken into teams of 6 people, each with a team captain. This makes the challenge more of a social event and encourages some healthy competition as teams battle against each other to take home that years prize.


The benefits of the challenge are both physical and mental, as the increase in physical activity can promote healthier blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels, build stronger bones and muscles, help manage weight, and can boost your energy. Additionally, taking the time to walk a little further and a little more often throughout the work day aids in relaxation and gives staff a chance to get their minds off their work, and clear their heads ready to tackle their next challenge.


This year our teams were primarily led by our recent graduate architects resulting in another great success with a combined total of almost 10,000,000 steps being taken by the 35 participating members of our office, as well as a lot of friendly competition and fun along the way. Plans are underway for next year's competition and challenges are already being thrown down between staff members ready to increase their personal results in 2020.


Pictured - members of this year's winning team.

PDT Architects 30th Apr 2019


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