Bridge 2 Brisbane

Blessed with stunning weather and determination, our teammates did a brilliant job of navigating the 5 and 10K courses.  In their own words….

“B2B was the first big major race that I’ve participated in a long time, and I took it upon myself as a challenge in a series of many to come to push myself beyond my perceived limits. With that thought in mind, I took it upon myself to seek out like-minded people at work who might be looking to test their limits or just a day of fun for a good cause. Thankfully many people were interested and we ended up having a great day with great weather and a great breakfast afterward. I would be lying if I didn’t say it wasn’t difficult, but I managed to achieve a personal record despite the fact coupled with the atmosphere and sportsmanship which made it a truly amazing and unique experience. It was a fantastic bonding experience for myself and my peers and I will definitely be looking forward to the next one, with a more ambitious goal in mind.”

Kuot Thiik – Graduate Architect

I thought B2B was a wonderful experience, I am normally not a runner and going into the 10km race was both daunting and exciting. The start was definitely a struggle but after a few km’s it became easier and enjoyable. B2B was something I’d never see myself attending, and when I first heard about the race years ago, I laughed and went “never a chance”. But now having done it, I thought it was exhilarating! I broke out of my comfort zone and finished with a time I’m really proud of.  (Breakfast at the end was very rewarding too, a nice hot meal for the empty stomach!

Stephanie Lin – Interior Designer

Running as a Pdt team provided each of us an opportunity to challenge ourselves to achieve a personal best time and at the same time have fun doing it.
Personally, running a PB time and finishing 10th out of 450 in my category was an extremely satisfying reward for all the hours of training.

Laurence Taylor - Director


PDT Architects 29th Aug 2019


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