Inspiring Design with Natasha Prasek

Inspiring Design is a free podcast for aspiring designers and educators that connects the tertiary and secondary education sectors with design industry professionals. Guests take listeners on a journey through the ins and outs of their chosen profession by sharing their knowledge on design thinking, industry experiences, education pathways and what the future holds.

Host Rashan Senanayake recently asked our own Natasha Prasek to explore what it is to be an Architect, and how to get there. The practice of architecture is rapidly changing – the technology, materials and methodologies used now are very different compared to when Natasha first joined the profession over 20 years ago. Yet the fundamentals are still the same, and Architects do still sketch by hand! The conversation skips across Natasha’s work both here and overseas, what the project process typically involves, and the different technologies the industry is now embracing. 

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PDT Architects 27th Mar 2019


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