Interiors Team Update

At PDT Architects we have a strong and dynamic team of interior designers who are committed to excellence. Creativity and innovation are part of most designer’s DNA, what sets us apart is our culture and people. Learn more about the team, how we work and the real people behind the designs. Join us in a Q&A with Annie Yang the Head of Interior Design.

How would you describe the Interior Design Department?

We are an extremely close-knit team and have a strong sense of comradery. Our team is built on support, trust, honesty and authenticity.  Above all, we have immense respect for each other and always remain approachable and willing to learn and grow together. 

What is the ethos of the Interior Design Team?

Our ethos is to create a team environment that is fun, engaging and inspiring that fosters talent. We keep each other honest and continually push each other to become better designers, to deliver responsive outcomes for our clients and community.

How would you describe the dynamics of the team?

Personality galore, but in the best possible way! We are extremely proud our team is made up of a diverse group of different personalities that all work, think and create differently but are all driven by a common goal, to always strive to do what is best for the project. It’s because of this dynamic we are able to bring different ideas and perspectives to the table and deliver exciting results. 

How have you kept the culture alive during COVID-19 and WFH?

Staying connected has been the key to our success. Our team has been doing daily check-in meetings that always start off with a team-building exercise. These activities are run by a different team member daily and have included; house tours, dance & barre classes, origami lessons, trivia, bingo, drag queen makeup competition, drawing challenges and Irish lessons where we had to pronounce names and words where half the letters are silent! The list goes on. These daily team bonding activities have often taken us outside our comfort zones but more importantly, has brought us closer as a team as we learn more about each other.  It has helped keep the team engaged, inspired and motivated.

What value does our Interior Design Team bring to a project?

We bring our knowledge, expertise and creative talent to the project. We are here to guide and inspire! Guide the client through the mind field of Australian Standards, building codes and different products. Inspire our clients to see the potential of their project and what can be achieved through a well-considered responsive design. Our role as designers is to help improve and enhance the user environment and create a curated experience where people and spaces meet. We are here to dissect and translate the world of design and standards into a language that is relatable to our clients.

How do we engage with our clients and project team?

At the forefront, we remain approachable and relatable. We engage our client and project team the same way as we do with our internal interior team. We collaborate with the client and project members by leveraging off each other’s expertise and appreciate the value each individual brings to the project. We create a project environment that is supportive, engaging and fun to be part of. When times get tough, as they will because there is no such thing as the perfect project where all things go according to plan, we have created an environment where the entire project team works together to resolve and deliver the best possible outcome.

How we pick the team for your project?

We select team members that not only have the best experience and skillset for your project but above all have the right cultural fit with your business and team. The right personality that will sync with the client team is a vital part of the success of a project.

Meet the creative and talented designers behind our interior projects. Click here to watch a short video of the team conveying their individual personalities through art.

We hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon!

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