Lawnton Aquatic Centre Grandstand

The site is located at the Lawnton Aquatic Centre, Eddie Hyland Park, Lawnton Pocket Road, Lawnton. The project scope included the augmentation of the existing aquatic centre from that of a local level facility to that of a district facility.

The project aims at providing facilities for aquatic sports and events at the aquatic centre, the new facilities include a main grandstand for the existing 50m pool.

The project will enhance the quality of the Lawnton Swimming Pool facilities and allow the complex to hold a larger capacity of spectators, as well as increasing the aesthetic quality of the facilities. The project is designed in conjunction with the upgrade of the splash pad which is to be completed in the near future and located north of the 50m pool.

The spectator grandstand has both precast concrete tiers and a steel structure to support the concrete and also achieve over 5m of elevation for the spectators.

The structure consists of an insulated sandwich panel roof supported by structural beams which are tapered and cantilever over the seating area and platform for a time keepers on the Eastern side of the pool.

Aluminium seating fixed to the slab which will provide storage space beneath for swimmers rucksacks.

For more details please contact project leader Laurence Taylor here


images courtesy of Fred McKie Photography

PDT Architects 24th Nov 2016


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