Letter from the Home Office

As the world takes this sad and extraordinary turn, our team, like many of you over the last month, has joined the ranks of those working from home.  Given that architects and designers, in general, tend to be a pretty social bunch and thrive on a face to face interaction, this has been somewhat of a challenge for our profession.

As we bunkered down in our respective homes this month the goal for our brilliant team was not only to keep providing a great service for our clients but also to keep enjoying doing what we do and maintain our strong culture.  In doing this we have made a point in keeping up all manner of social activities and wellness sessions – albeit through the new channels of Zoom, WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams.  Much laughter has followed with screens freezing at inappropriate times, occasional bad reception turning people’s voices into robotic gibberish and from time to time just general chaos.

We have also seen some wonderful gems such as Director Ian Downing’s daily “Tech Tips”, in reality, a lovely little email at 8.30am every morning reminding us we are all in this together, Our Wellness Committee keeping us strong with online drawing classes and the occasional team tipple and the brilliant way our team has adapted and thrived under the circumstances. 

While none of us know just how long social distancing will keep us apart, one thing it has not done is dented our team spirit or our commitment.

PDT Architects 30th Apr 2020


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