Making tracks at Dinmore and Graceville

The key driver of these projects is upgrading accessibility.  Considerations were given to the Heritage aspects of both stations while also taking into account CEPTED issues.  Specific site constraints associated with working in the Rail Corridor such as OHLE (Overhead Line Equipment), minimum structural clearances coupled with the critical task of keeping the stations open to customers , required the design team, Queensland Rail and the ECI (early contractor involvement) to work closely together to maximise efficiencies within elements of design and constructability. 

Dinmore station specifically deals with an overpass and creating new entry points to both platforms.  Graceville focuses on the reuse and upgrade of the existing subway and circulation across all platforms.

Materiality is of massive importance given the durability requirements for train stations.  We have used transparency and earthy tones to allow the built form to blend with the surrounding environment and designed rooflines to mitigate Queensland weather conditions.

For more details, please contact project leader Oliver Thessman or construction phase leader Scott Salmon.

Oliver Thessman 24th Nov 2016


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