One to One with Laurence Taylor

Q: What made you pursue Architecture? 

My parents gave me a drawing board, T square, set square etc for Christmas when I was aged 14, The rest is history.

Q: What is it about Aged Care building and design that interests you?

Much like all projects it’s about delivering a designed space that is used and appreciated for its intended function, in this instance its providing an environment that is safe yet provides the freedom to allow for independence.

Q: What is your favorite building in the world?

Antoni Gaudi’s Sagrada Família in Barcelona


The way that Gaudi designed the cathedral to be so organic in form with the structure replicating the trunks of trees and the ceiling becoming the forest canopy is mind blowing. No picture does this building justice.

Q: What has been one of your most rewarding projects and why?

Bribie Island Seaside Museum – Its simplicity in form and its location.

Q: What’s the best thing about working at PDT?

The variety of work we do and the people who all work hard to deliver well resolved designed and documented projects to our clients.

Q: What keeps you busy away from work?

My 1964 Morris Mini (Morag) which I restored over a period of three years, I know every nut and bolt on the car as I placed and tightened each one of them. I take the Mini to car shows and has come second in class at the Queensland Mini shows the past two years.


PDT Architects 31st May 2017


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