One to one with Leanne Goodwin

Q: What made you pursue Interior Design?  What do you love about it?
From a very young age I have loved making things. Graphics and Art were my favourite subjects at school, because I enjoyed paying attention to the details and understanding how objects can be put together in a creative, functional & skillful way. 
I love design and architecture  because it is all around us and a part of our daily lives. I like to take notice of details and how things work, so spending time in spaces that have been thoughtfully designed and built inspires me. 
Q: In your day to day role at PDT what is your creative process?
Every project is different so it does vary, but it’s really about understanding what a client needs and what their aspirations are for their project. Typically I gather as much information as possible about the project and the clients requirements and then analyse the elements and investigate how this can be translated into a space. I look at the common threads and key words and themes which can help form the design direction. 
Q: Why do you like working in (your sector/your department/your role)?
As an interior designer I get to work across a broad range of projects, both in large teams and more autonomously on smaller scale projects. I enjoy the variety because it allows you to learn a lot, not only how buildings work but also how different professions and types of facilities operate.
We have a great interiors team and are all ready to support each other. We all work fairly independently on projects but continue to learn from each other’s experiences. It’s  a great collaborative environment where we share ideas and experience to get better design outcomes. 
Q: What has been one of your most rewarding projects and why?
The Pdt Office was definitely a challenging but very rewarding project because I was able to be part of the whole process, and see a project from both the designers and clients perspective. It’s not often you get to work in the space you have designed. I have found it extremely rewarding to see my colleagues enjoy the space and see how the design and has helped to better support team collaboration and our roles as designers.
Another rewarding project was The Corso at North Lakes. It was rewarding in the sense it was one of the most challenging projects of my career so far. It was good to see all the hard work come to fruition and see the space enjoyed and used by the community.
Q: What’s the best thing about PDT?
Pdt has a very friendly and welcoming culture and I have had many great opportunities here to progress my career, and after about 11 years it  feels a bit more like an extended family then just a workplace. I have also had the pleasure of working with and learning from many creative and knowledgeable designers and architects. 
Q: What keeps you busy away from work?
I love travelling and new experiences, and I also have a few too many creative hobbies, to the extent that my partner has banned me from trying out any more. I enjoy sewing, and have been taking silver-smithing classes for the past few years, learning how to make jewellery and other objects using silver, copper and brass.  I have also dabbled in painting, macramé and after being given a piano just recently am trying out piano lessons. I also have a very energetic Australian Shepherd with a  great personality, who demands a fair bit of attention.  


PDT Architects 23rd Nov 2016


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