One to One with Nathan Clausen

Q: What made you pursue Landscape Architecture?  What do you love about it?

At school my passion was woodworking and I was actually planning to do carpentry, however my father showed me the course outline for landscape architecture when I was in year 12 and I ended up changing my mind as it looked pretty interesting.

I am glad I chose landscape architecture in the end as it is really something I am passionate about. Having the ability to visualize an idea or design in your mind then transfer that to paper and see it fully constructed gives me a buzz every time.


Q: What has been one of your most rewarding projects and why?

All of the projects I have had the privilege of being involved with over the years have been rewarding in way or another. They are all different, as the site and client briefs vary on each and every project which means you need to be flexible, adaptable and changeable. That’s what I love. 

In saying that though I find retirement living and aged care projects really enjoyable, as clients really place a large emphasis on the landscape and outdoor environment. It gives me great satisfaction when I hear reports that the residents love utilising the spaces we have created for them.


Q: What is your favourite thing about landscaping in spring?

Obviously when the flowers are in full bloom, and the weather is generally still pretty good in terms of temperatures, to get out and enjoy the landscape whether it be from a visual perspective or just being outdoors. Queensland really does deliver a great climate.


Q: What motivates you?

It would have to be seeing people enjoying landscaped spaces I have been involved with creating. I love seeing places being used for their intended purpose, whether it be school playgrounds, hospital courtyards to escape to clinical environment or public plazas where people interact it is all very motivating.


Q: What keeps you busy away from work?

Children – I think that pretty much sums it up in one word.


Q: What’s the best thing about PDT Architects?

The people – Always approachable and easy to work with which makes getting the job done so much easier, especially on tricky projects when it really makes it so much easier being under the same roof as the architects and interiors.


PDT Architects 28th Sep 2017


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