PDT Wellness Update

This month’s Wellness Committee initiative was based on mental health, with a real focus around encouraging staff to have open discussions around the topic and to stop and consider the importance of self-care, particularly during these volatile and rapidly evolving times. To coincide with R U OK Day, PDT’s annual Pod Bake Off has made a comeback!

Each week, one representative from each workstation pod will battle it out and put everything on the line to provide their most famed baked dish. Everyone then votes by donating money to support their favourite dish. At the end of the month, the pod with the most money raised wins the glory and title of Master Pâtissier, and gets to donate all the winnings to their chosen mental health charity.

The bake-off has reignited that friendly competitive spirit amongst the team and through money raised, we’re contributing to charity to help make a difference among more Australians, inspiring regular, meaningful conversations every day of the year, and ultimately changing lives.

PDT Architects 2020-09-30


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