PDT80 - David Matthews Interview

Known for his Business Development expertise and being prepared for any situation, his advice for our team on site “Be prepared!  If your name is on the minutes, make sure you’ve done the work to get it taken off the next set.”  When asked about his favourite project it was a difficult decision, but he was most proud of the responsibility he was given as a first year student at PDT.  The Commercial Bank of Australia (now known as Westpac) stood out, as he had to do everything himself from scratch.  He was able to apply and prove himself early on which put him in a great position for seeing his career out at the same firm.

As for favourite memories, the research trip to Las Vegas for a Retail Conference was the stand out… not necessarily for the research component, but for a detour to Disneyland and sending his business partner and fellow director Ken Alexander up on an unexpected space mountain roller coaster ride without explaining what was going to happen! We can image the colourful language that came out.

David’s successful leadership of PDT was admired throughout Brisbane and Queensland.  He was a greatly respected member within our studio and his legacy continues with those who were lucky enough to be under his leadership.  Thanks for celebrating with us Dave! See you for lunch soon – your shout.

PDT Architects 26th Apr 2018


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