PDT80 - Ken Alexander Interview

Ken Alexander’s legacy continues today as he still works with some of his past PDT clients in a consulting capacity.  Ken’s standout project was Castletown Shopping Centre.  He was hands on throughout the entire project and worked with one of our Senior Technician’s Barbara Adams who is still with us today working on Retail projects.  Ken said it is unusual these days to have a client who is prepared to give you the time to document properly instead of the deadlines expected in today’s industry.

Ken’s favourite memories are of the office in Milton where they leased out the building next door, knocked a hole in the wall and setup cricket pitches in the office.  The sporting equipment being a roll of drawings as the bat and rolling up masking tape into a ball.

Thanks for coming in to share your stories with us Ken.  You are missed by the team and we are lucky to get to work with you every now and then on projects.  Your successful leadership of PDT is a lasting legacy that continues through our current team.  You continue to be a champion for PDT and we appreciate your dedication to our team.

PDT Architects 12th Jul 2018


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