Proxima is a proposed development situated in the heart of the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct.  The precinct itself benefits from well-established infrastructure which was initially implemented to service the 2018 Commonwealth Games Village; including major road upgrades, consumer amenities and well-considered access to light rail, busway, and cycle networks.  The precinct occupies a prominent location adjacent Gold Coast Private and University Hospitals and Griffith University Gold Coast Campus to its West and South respectively, with additional access to parkland to its North, and linkage to arterial roads to the East.  The precinct is effectively set to enter the market as “an integrated and collaborative location for learning, research, knowledge creation and investment, and the commercialisation of newly developed technology” with Proxima to be a key development.

The 8-storey building is composed of a permeable retail/allied health ground level, two levels of mixed-use childcare and leased tenancy space, and 5 more formalised levels of office tenancy space.  The building’s design language looks to echo these collaborative relationships, which operate within the building, through an active expression of its built form. 

At the Northern-most corner, the office levels look over the building’s three formal street addresses, and views towards Northern parkland are amplified.  The building steps down quickly along its North-Eastern façade and allows childcare levels to become exposed to ample natural light.

The metaphorical basis of this development is the ‘treehouse’ – where a ‘trunk’ of formalised program, hosts and amplifies the activity of the childcare levels, where nature and excitement can permeate freely through the building’s formal boundary.  This idea is then carried through to the formal arrangement of built elements, with undulating perforated screening wrapping the tower as a canopy and the building’s primary double-height Western entry soffit propped up by a trunk-like structure, branching its way up the building’s corner façades, emphasising the entry’s importance.

The site’s crossfall has been utilised as a tool to organise car parking and building services to the building’s lower ground level whilst also effectively retaining retail and allied health programs and accessibility on the ground floor.  The careful application of a residential material palette of articulated brickwork and generous landscaping assists in creating a holistic association of all three street addresses, blending the building’s streetscape despite its changing levels, and providing a continuous sense of human scale to the building.

Proxima will showcase the themes of collaboration and inventiveness that are at the centre of the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct development plan.  Through its cooperative programmatic ideals and careful treatment of surrounding context, it will maintain permeability and person to person interaction.

For further details contact:

Project Architect:  Natasha Prasek

Project Graduate of Architecture: Connor Howes 

Senior Interior Designer: Rita O’Flaherty 

PDT Architects 28th May 2020


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