QUTIC Refurbishment

PDT Architects were engaged to reconfigure and reimagine the existing spaces within the building to enhance the student experience through the provision of high-quality teaching spaces, increased access and connectivity between teaching and student spaces, and provision of greater staff amenity and efficiency through consolidation and redesign of staff office space.

Throughout the design process PDT worked collaboratively with the staff and students to develop a united design direction and vision for the future of the International College that responded to the needs of all user groups, both present and future.

As a result, PDT have come up with a design that will transform the International College into a renowned destination that facilitates diversity & a supportive platform into the greater university. The new design will further demonstrate the college’s mission to assist in the transformation of students, alongside a premium pathway equipped with quality services.

The design language implemented throughout reflects a sense of collaboration, community, creativity and supportiveness. Alongside these elements, the International College was a primary opportunity to integrate design that represents key aspects of Australian culture, while also constituting a place of learning, growth, development and change, allowing both students and staff to flourish. This was captured and represented in the form of a sculptural tree within the Foyer design.

The tree is a symbolic representation of the nurturing pathway that branches from the college into the broader university. It is a familiar form that can be recognised universally by the diverse student and staff population.

The central sculpture will be a celebration of Indigenous culture and art whilst acknowledging the traditional land owners and educating visitors about Australian culture.

For more information please contact brookeproctor@pdt.com.au

PDT Architects 31st Jul 2019


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