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“I found the tool to be a simple uncomplicated method of giving a visual representation of the physical appearance of the proposed building and it gives some representation of finishes.  It is definitely a good tool for providing a special representation of the design.”

Michael Hagan, Manager Property and Commercial Services - Moreton Bay Regional Council.


The software, which is fully accessible through the web and their own devices, is not only allowing them access into the mind if the designer quicker than ever before it is also giving them control and helping them visualise their new space in a way plans and perspectives cannot. 

We have recently built a model of the Morayfield Sports Centre using this technology which you can see by clicking here (if viewing on a desktop, click and drag mouse to pan around the images and click on the circles to move between scenes - if viewing on a mobile device, move your device around and tap on the circles to move between scenes)

This new tool is allowing us to communicate, visualise and generate a clear, concise understanding between our designers, clients and project team as early as possible speeding up the entire design process. This is evident through the positive reactions and feedback from our clients on the few projects we have already commenced utilising this innovative software on.


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PDT Architects 31st Aug 2017


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