Wellness in the workplace

It's been a busy couple of months in the PDT office and all staff have been hard at work meeting deadlines and delivering exciting design outcomes to our clients. To help everyone relax, and refresh ready for what is promising to be a busy end to 2019, the PDT Wellness Committee organised a little treat for the team.

Massage Therapist Tom was brought in and the entire PDT team were given the opportunity to receive a  seated massage.  With relaxing music playing and under Tom's skilled hands, the team could get away from their work for 10 minutes to unwind, focus on their breathing and recharge.

It is no surprise that companies that provide activities such as this see positive impacts including increased employee morale, lowered stress levels in their employees and fewer sick days taken. Taking just 10 minutes to move away from your desk, change your body position (and in this case have a trained therapist work those knots out of your back and shoulders) leaves you relaxed, yet mentally focussed and increases productivity.

PDT is proud to say we have a strong focus on the Wellness of our staff, constantly endeavouring to provide activities and events that will address staff physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and promoting a strong work/life balance. It is no surprise that this month's massages has been highly anticipated and exceptionally well received by all participants.

PDT Architects 29th Sep 2019


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