Wellness Team Update

It’s fair to say we’ve all faced a challenging few months as everyone has had to adapt quickly to our new normal of working from home life. PDT’s Wellness Committee has been working continuously in the background, brainstorming ways in which we can maintain the strong culture we have whilst continuing to provide new and interesting activities/content to keep everyone connected in some way or another.  

Over the past couple of months, PDT’s team has grown as we welcomed our new furry employees during the lockdown. Each week we got to meet a new pet from one of our team members whilst getting the inside scoop on their new working from home office setups. We also got creative with online art classes and an epic trivia session that proved some of us know little about anything. It was a barrel of laughs and we’ll definitely be continuing the search for the Trivia Champion who will take out the 2020 crown.

Lockdown proved to be a perfect time for the team to bring back the annual 10k step challenge as an encouragement to keep moving during times when a bit of motivation was needed and for the first time this year the Wellness Committee wanted to support a new fundraising campaign called Live Below The Line. It is a 5-day challenge whereby all food consumed during that period had to equate to a total of just $10! That’s $2 a day! We are proud to say the team smashed it, raising over $850 for a cause that helps Australians take action on poverty and injustice. This challenge sparks thousands of conversations about global poverty, inequality and Oaktree's work across Australia. For more information, head over to their website to check out the amazing work this organisation does.


PDT Architects 30th Jun 2020


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