Workplace Wellness

Wellness, whether it be physical, mental or social, has always been a core value for our team. With a committee dedicated to improving the wellness of our team through the implementation of activities such as bake-offs, step challenges, and monthly social jaunts – rallying the troupes is no easy feat. Luckily Brooke Proctor, one of our talented Interior Designers, has stepped up to the task of leading our wellness committee into the new decade. Brooke has been a member of the committee for a number of years and when the opportunity became available for a new leader, it seemed only natural for her to step into the role and continue to lead an enthusiastic bunch of individuals who have a common interest in general wellbeing.

Brooke is extremely passionate about workplace wellness, therefore it’s no surprise that one of her long-term goals is to make PDT a place that supports everyone’s individual health and wellbeing with a diverse and inclusive offering for the team ranging from in-house ping pong competitions to mindfulness meditation during lunch hours. “I want all our team to thrive… and not just from the caffeine!”

For over 10 years PDT has had a strong committee that have been devoted to making an impact on all aspects of workplace wellness including physical, social and mental wellbeing. So, what’s in store in the way of wellness at PDT in 2020? “This year I’m excited to work alongside the committee continuing to implement change and introduce new ideas that further enhance the overall wellbeing of the PDT family. Without giving too much away, the committee has welcomed some new faces this year and we are excited about injecting fresh energy and ideas into the wellness program.”

PDT Architects 27th Feb 2020


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