Disciplines:Landscape Architecture, Masterplanning

Industries:Aged Care & Retirement Living

Sustainability:Water sensitive urban design initiatives

About the Project

Set on the former St Columban’s College site just 6kms from the Brisbane CBD, this village is a hidden gem.

PDT Landscape Architects were engaged to design, document and deliver the landscape at “The Clayfield” which included an upgrade of the landscape to the existing heritage building, Highlands House.

The design required that the new pedestrian circulation route connected seamlessly into the existing stages, so that residents could complete an entire loop around the village without any dead end and also included rest nodes in strategic locations.

The planting palette consisted of a variety of Flowering trees, shrubs and groundcovers with varying colours and textures for the residents to enjoy, while still being sympathetic to the ongoing maintenance requirements of the village.

PDT Architects were engaged as the landscape consultant at our new development, The Clayfield. Their creative approach responded to the existing retirement community, with specific landscape recommendations to suit the surrounding environment, and hardscape designs tailored to the accessibility needs of those who will most enjoy them. Their service is highly professional, and the outcome was well received by all.
Sandy Spencer National Sales Manager, New Developments, AVEO Group

Project Team

Nathan Clausen

Senior Associate/Partner/Manager Landscape Architecture


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