Client:Property Leaders Brisbane


Disciplines:Architecture, Masterplanning, Sustainability, Urban Design


About the Project

PDT’s design team focused on stitching together the Botanical Gardens with the adjacent city blocks located between Alice and Margaret Street.   Looking the barricade of cars and public transport that currently separates these two spaces, our design team investigated key ideas such as green fingers, tunnelling and pedestrian overpasses to enable connectively.

The concept proposal developed through rigorous site investigations and critical drivers; public transport growth, connectivity of future active transport networks such as the recently announced kangaroo point pedestrian bridge and surrounding entertainment and cultural hubs both existing and proposed.
The Under & Over proposal responds directly to the connectivity of the site in question, where the focus placed on Alice street and the ‘at grade’ adaption, to segregate vehicular traffic from pedestrian movement. The proposal introduces tunneling below Alice street to increase traffic flows and pedestrian permeability from the river to the city. The council initiative Albert street is to be ‘green’ and activated at a pedestrian standpoint. It is complemented by the proposal, to introduce a further ‘3rd datum’ in the form of a high-level pedestrian link, as a continuation from the newly proposed bridge to the bottom end of Alice Street. By optimizing connectivity to the precinct, the opportunity for hotel, residential, office, and the diverse retail mix is enhanced to fuel activation and vibrancy to the City Centre.


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