Client:Design Competition


About the Project

PDT joined Australian and International architects to create an exhibition to highlight the need for emergency shelters in disaster zones.

Inspired by the way Indigenous Australian’s traditionally sheltered their communities against some of the most treacherous climatic conditions in the world, the PDT emergency shelter concept revisits ‘a platform space’ philosophy.  The platform (on sticks) and the roof form the temporary design premise. The design stands lightly on the earth, using space above and below the shelter, to reduce environmental impact.


PDT developed a multi- level space out of re-cycled timber pallets enabling the shelter footprint to be reduced and providing the option for a divided living and sleeping or storage space, providing the inhabitant with shelter and space for limited belongings.

The standard timber pallet panel size provides good proportions for creating flexible spaces.  The dimensions enabled the construction of a modular system using the full and half pallet sizes to mould volumes and areas. The height from floor to platform required two full pallets and a half to maintain height.  Rhythm and modulating the pallets created a robust structure that can be likened to being assembled from a flat pack drop–in.

The premise for the choice of building materials was that use of recycled pallets from the freight and product industries would raise awareness for business to be responsible with waste whilst providing an economically sound and versatile building material that meets community needs in times of disaster.


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