Mater Private Hospital Springfield Healing Garden


Client:Mater Health Services


Disciplines:Landscape Architecture


About the Project

The podium deck on level four of the Mater Hospital Springfield was fully constructed when additional funds were raised to transform the space.

PDT was engaged to transform the space from a paved terrace with large planter pots, into a fully designed and landscaped roof garden complete with green walls, shade structures, and in situ concrete seating walls. The main challenge PDT confronted was how to achieve this with slabs and drainage points already in place. By applying clever detailing, PDT was able to achieve drainage slots in the base of the in situ concrete walls, with the paving system set on adjustable supports. This allowed water to filter to the existing drainage points, as well as permit existing services to be concealed beneath the paving. 

The result has exceeded expectations. Through PDT's strong teamwork with Mater, the final design has resulted in the successful combination of green walls, trellis, varied plants and clever geometric design through structure and paving that everyone who enters the garden comments on.
Sue Folliott Program Manager Mater Hospital Springfield Project

Project Team

Ian Downing



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