Queensland Academy of Sport Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre




Disciplines:Architecture, Interior Design

Industries:Education, Sport & Recreation


High Commendation Architectural Steel Building Design Brisbane Master Builders Awards Sporting Facilities $3m- 12m

About the Project

PDT were tasked with the design of an energy efficient and cost-effective rehabilitation and recovery centre for professional athletes.

The state-of-the-art centre provides the facilities needed to help mend injured athletes and for quick recovery after intense training sessions. The centre was built to complement the existing sports science precinct and use’s sustainable principles throughout the building design to provide ongoing cost efficiencies.


PDT completed the award winning iconic facility in 2008 and it continues to be well used and financially viable.

Primarily used by elite athletes the centre has been designed to provide wet and dry therapy, cross training and remedial therapies.

The building has a distinctive design visually split into individual sections via a large concrete blade wall which adds to the buildings visual appeal. The main pool hall incorporates an articulated steel frame exo-skeleton with underslung translucent polycarbonate shell which is designed to minimize condensation and provide evenly distributed natural day light.

PDT incorporated sustainable principles throughout the building design which in turn continue to provide an ongoing reduction in operational costs throughout the life of the building.  Water and energy use for the centre is approximately 55% below the surveyed results averaged across Australian Council pools in 2007.


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