Client:Queensland Rail


Disciplines:Interior Design

Industries:Commercial, Transport

About the Project

Flexibility was the catalyst for the design theory behind the 12,000m2 office fit out for Queensland Rail. 

Working in collaboration with the client, PDT tested a new operation model that was a departure from what was traditionally implemented by Queensland Rail, to help improve productivity and efficiencies.  Breaking down the physical barriers, an open floor plan was adopted with a large number of collaborative spaces. To minimize on built form, rooms were designed to have maximum flexibility enabling them to be adapted for multi purposes. 

Project Team

Annie Yang

Senior Associate | Head of Interior Design


PDT integrated Queensland Rail’s ‘efficient and vital service’ ethos into the design. The long narrow footprint of the building was overcome through utilizing angles in the space planning, maximizing on the functionality and environment of the building. 

These angle and consolidation of built form resulted in maximising natural daylight and external vistas.


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