Client:Watco Constructions


Disciplines:Architecture, Interior Design


About the Project

Sunhaven House is designed to optimise outdoor living without compromising privacy on a suburban corner block.

Pdt delivered a unique dwelling that showcased the Builder’s meticulous attention to detail, innovative design and challenged how a contemporary family home may be delivered on a suburban corner block.


The floor plan is arranged around a central courtyard with each ‘wing’ of the dwelling creating separate privacy zones.  The front wing contains the lounge and rumps, the intermediate wing the kitchen and open plan living and the rear wing the bedrooms and wet areas.  The entry breezeway provides access to the dwelling as well as direct secure access to the central courtyard for convenient entertaining in the private outdoor courtyard.

Adrian found the design process for Sunhaven House to be really invigorating as it involved an intensive exchange of ideas between himself and the Builder.  He felt very connected to the project with an enormous sense of ownership as we collectively worked to balance the requirements of the unique design with the commercial realities of maintaining the project budget.  It was also very encouraging when we received really positive feedback on the design from third-party consultants who were also working on the project.


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