TriCare Stafford Heights



Location:Stafford Heights

Disciplines:Architecture, Interior Design

Industries:Seniors Living

Project Size:73 beds

Project Dates:Jan 2015 - Feb 2018

About the Project

The new building acts as an extension to the adjacent aged care facility, and nestles into the tiered landscape between the existing building and a waterway corridor. Both external and internal designs have a unified approach in that they respectfully respond to one another resulting in a gracefully cohesive dwelling.


The design brief was to create a high end residential aged care facility that links with the existing aged care building and connects to the sites existing roadway network.

Additionally the building was to enable a connection to the future development of 21 Independent Living Units on the adjacent vacant land. A project also designed by PDT.

Aesthetically the building was to respond to not only the existing structures, but also the natural features of the site, including the landscaped waterway and the lake. The prominent use of synthetic timber helps to reinforce the natural setting and the use of stone responds to the sites original use as a quarry.

In addition to the 73 bedrooms the design provides a formal entrance lobby, 3 dining areas with food servery provisions, 3 living areas, 6 sitting areas with breakout balconies, an activities room, and staff facilities. These spaces have all been designed to replicate residential character, simulating homely environments and providing familiarity to the residents.

The communal resident areas are strategically arranged to capture the surrounding site vistas and breakout balconies assist to blur the lines between inside and out.

Natural light is allowed to penetrate the building at every opportunity, the use of full height glazing and skylights assist not only with energy efficiency, but also ensure the wellbeing of the residents and staff.

Nurse Stations, treatment areas and utility rooms are located centrally within the design to maximise staffing efficiencies. Whilst these areas provide essential care services they have been designed in such a way that they blend in well with the residential theming and do not have a clinical feel.   

Interior design

The ‘modern lake house’ concept for the interior design stems from the surrounding context and proposed current architecture which celebrates simplicity and sophistication in form. Views of the adjacent creek & dense vegetation are idealised in every opportunity whilst the nearby lake influence the interior scheme.
Within the interior, intimate spaces are created within larger settings to help foster a sense of community. By creating spaces within spaces, it provides the residents with a comforting sense of scale whilst maintaining the grandeur elements of double height ceilings and the like.

Project Team

Annie Yang

Senior Associate | Head of Interior Design

Natasha Prasek


Laura James



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