Client:University of Queensland

Location:St Lucia

Disciplines:Architecture, Interior Design


About the Project

More than 10 years later the hallmark multi-purpose facility at the St Lucia Campus of the University of Queensland continues to fully realise its potential as a multi-purpose centre for both internal and external use.

The Centre is designed to enable the large three court area to be suitable for sporting events as well as exhibitions and examinations. The second major space within the facility is a unique multi-use, 600 seat lecture theatre designed to hold other large events and high profile sporting activities and competitions. The centre accommodates up to 2,500 people for major university presentations and events such as graduations and award ceremonies.

We wanted to create a multi-functional space that was of the highest standard for any of its configurations. Nearing completion 13 years ago, we met the man who would be taking over as Manager. Ray is still there today and has turned this space into a profitable business. This is not only a testament to him but also to the detailed planning, design and construction that was undertaken to ensure this project was a success on every level
Miranda Sheehan Senior Associate/Partner.

Project Team

Miranda Sheehan



Along with the two main functions of the exhibition/sporting space and the lecture theatre, the centre also boasts a lobby, kiosk and a VIP space that can all be leased separately for smaller events. The UQ Centre Project shows how successful a space can be if detailed planning and good construction are followed by high quality maintenance and management procedures. The UQ Centre was recently host to President Barack Obama for his speech at the G20 Summit in Brisbane 2014. Given that the centre was completed over 10 years ago it shows that it is still a relevant space able to cater for the highest standards under any circumstance.


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