Client:James Cook University


Disciplines:Architecture, Interior Design


About the Project

The new necropsy-pathology laboratories, an administration building and animal handling facilities have been designed to both complement the surrounds and contrast with the existing buildings in the precinct.

The James Cook University (JCU) Vet Sciences Precinct integrates advances in veterinary science with intelligent architectural design to provide students and staff with functional, inspiring and collaborative learning spaces.

Project Team

Laurence Taylor



Designed to enhance university life and the JCU brand, this world-class teaching and research facility is equipped with the latest technology and features Necropsy-Pathology PC2 Laboratories, an Administration Building, and a pig handling facility.

PDT has designed the necropsy suite to support interactive, team-based learning with the inclusion of viewing areas, audio infrastructure, overhead cameras and LCD screens. Laboratories promote active and cooperative learning whilst streamlining workflow processes.

Two and a half storey-high glass atriums at both the front and rear entrances of the Administration Building have been introduced to provide abundant natural light and improve air quality and circulation. In addition, the atriums provide a statement clearly highlighting the building’s main path of circulation and provide a visual link between the front and rear entries.


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