Stretton State College: Primary School Campus


Client:Department of Education and Training

Location:Stretton, QLD



Project Dates:2006

About the Project

The landscape design and site masterplanning was intended to tie in with the adjacent Karawatha State Forest and the environmental ethos of the school.

DET's brief required numerous tree-shaded seating areas, and use of landscape as a wayfinding and educational element – including the maximization of views toward the State Forest in masterplanning and landscape design. Plant palettes selected utilized exclusively native species, and included avenues of different tree species along circulation routes as a guide to campus wayfinding.  The main focus courtyard at the centre of the school had three mature hoop pines incorporated into the design as a marker for the centre of the school.  Bio-retention basins were incorporated into the landscape to treat stormwater runoff before it entered the frog habitats of scrubby creek in the adjacent State Forest.

Project Team

Ray Pini

Senior Associate


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